Auditor General to halt salaries of MMDAs that fail to respond to queries Featured

Municipal, Metropolitan and District Chief Executives that fail to respond to letters from the Auditor General’s Department on irregularities of salaries will no longer receive their pay, this is the warning from the Auditor General, Daniel Domelevo.

Mr. Domelovo, who also challenged Ghanaians to join the fight against payroll fraud, said refusal by MMDCEs to respond to letters from the department is worrying.

The Auditor-General made this known at a recently held public forum in Accra on Friday.

“People think we just go into a school or a hospital and then we write a report, no, it’s a long process. First, we even inform you that we are coming, then there is what we call the entrance conference where we tell you the objective, what we are looking for where we tell you the scope and the duration.”

“In the course of the execution, we may find something that is not right. Normally we ask you, this payment voucher there is nothing attached to it, where is it, where are the supporting documents if you brought it that ends the case but if you don’t bring it then we request for it officially in writing.

But if at the end of the day observations remain unanswered or not satisfactorily answered, we issue what we call a management letter and they will not respond but that culture of impunity is long past because I have instructed my people once you don’t respond we will stop pay salaries as long as you have not responded”.


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