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Inspections carried out by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has exposed 10 fuel filling stations engaged in under-delivering.

They included; Shell, Motorway Extension; Total, McCarthyHill; GOIL Mile 11; Frimps Oil, Tetegu junction; GOIL, Galilea; Frimps Oil, Spintex Road; Glory Oil, Spintex Road; Allied Oil, Sakaman; Shell, Amanfrom West and Goodness Energy, Kasoa.

A statement issued by the Authority and copied to the Ghana News Agency said in addition, two companies Galaxy Oil, Spintex Road and Agapet, Spintex Road had broken the GSA seal without permission.

It said in summary, out of 65 stations visited, 55 delivered right quantities whilst 10 under-delivered, while two companies had broken the GSA seal without permission.

It said the GSA as part of its mandate to enforce the provisions of the Weights and Measures Act 1975, NRCD 326, was inspecting fuel measuring and dispensing instruments in parts of the country after the first phase of the GSA routine national fuel measuring devices verification exercise.

The statement noted that the inspectors from the Metrology Directorate carried out unannounced inspections of fuel pumps in randomly selected fuel stations in the Greater Accra, Central and Eastern Regions.

It said the exercise was to mainly verify the accuracy of fuel dispensing pumps used by fuel dealers and to inspect and record if the fuel stations had the 10 L visugauges

It was to inspect and ensure that GSA plastic seals on dispensing pumps were not tempered with and lock the nozzles of dispensing pumps that were under-delivering and to issue out notices of failure if the pumps failed the test for a penalty

It said the number of stations visited were Shell (11), Total (15), GOIL (12), Fraga Oil (one), Lucky Oil (one), Engen (one), Frimps (two), Petrosol (three), Top Oil(two), Star oil (two), Goodness (one), Semanhyia (one), Galaxy Oil ( (one), Nick Petroleum (two), Agapet (one), Puma (two), Glory Oil (one), Allied (one), Radiances (one), EVl (one), Power Fuel (one), Universal (one), and Compass Oleum (one).

The GSA assured the public that it would continue to execute its legal mandate to protect consumers and promote trade by collaborating with the National Petroleum Authority and other statutory bodies as well as with the Oil Marketing Companies in the interest of consumers and the nation.

"The GSA counts on the support and collaboration of the general public and all stakeholders in this national exercise," it said.


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