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Nene AshaleyAdjabeng, Anum-Apapam Chief Farmer in the Eastern Region, said the country’s cocoa has high theobromine, thus making it the best cocoa for high-quality chocolate.

Nene Adjabeng was delivering a talk on “Premium Cocoa Beans” at AnumApapam in the Ayensuano District in the Eastern Region.

The participants included; cocoa farmers, cocoa marketing clerks, hawkers of cocoa drinks and a section of the public.

The Chief Farmer, who is also the Ga Dangbe Chief for the area said, throughout the world, the standards against which all cocoa were measured was those of Ghana’s Cocoa and that the high-quality cocoa beans of the country still continued as the preferred choice of all chocolate and cocoa beverage producers of high reputation.

Nene Adjabeng observed that this status was diligently maintained over the years, through the effective quality control practices of Ghana’s Quality Control Division of COCOBOD.

The Chief Farmer said the international cocoa standards required cocoa of merchantable quality to be fermented, thoroughly dried, free from smoky beans, free from abnormal or foreign odour and free from any evidence of adulteration.


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